BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital successfully treats a 43 -year- old woman with a commonly missed vascular disorder

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A 43-year-old teacher was successfully treated for a rarely detected vascular disorder called May Thurner’s syndrome (MTS), which she battled for the past 10 year. The patient suffered from recurrent swelling, pain and ulcer wounds on her left leg for many years, despite undergoing medical intervention for varicose veins in other hospitals. When the patient had no respite from the recurrent ulcers, she approached the Dept. of Vascular & endovascular surgery of BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital. After the initial evaluation and examination, the patient was advised MR venography, which revealed that she was suffering from May-Thurner’s syndrome. This was the cause for the recurrent ulcers. Lack of immediate medical intervention could have worsened the ulcer and most importantly also could result in clotting of blood in the veins (DVT), eventually causing pulmonary embolism. To avoid such complications Dr Rahul.N.S, Vascular & Endovascular surgeon, advised the patient to undergo Venoplasty stenting of the left iliac vein, which helped her recover from recurrent ulcer and get back to her normal life.

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