Kidney transplant gives a new lease of life to Arvind who was diagnosed with ADPKD

The Case:

Arvind was diagnosed with Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) way back in his early 30s. He began experiencing some health concerns such as inability to eat food, increased fatigability, and weight loss. Later, he consulted a doctor from another hospital and learned that he was suffering from Autosomal Polycystic Kidney Disease (ADPKD) which is a genetically inherited disease that affects the kidney, liver and other organs. Although people are born with this condition, the disease is not noticeable until the age of 30. Arvind had one sister who deceased due to breast cancer, his mother, twin brother, and one more sister were diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. His mother succumbed to kidney failure at the age of 35 and his brother and sister are under dialysis for the past few years.

The Diagnosis:

Arvind was on dialysis for 11 years and he was registered for a deceased donor kidney transplant in 2013. As the days passed Arvind’s health started deteriorating and his brother, who himself is on dialysis, admitted him to the hospital due to his severe abdominal pain and passing of blood in the urine. Arvind’s kidneys were found to be enlarged thrice their normal size and were not functioning properly. Over time, he developed HCV infection. Subsequently, he developed heart dysfunction, liver cirrhosis, and bleeding tendencies. He also developed bone-related complications due to long-standing chronic kidney disease.

Further Investigations and Treatment:

He had to undergo hemodialysis thrice a week, which was a practical and financial challenge for his ailing brother, who himself is on dialysis for the last 10 years. The panel of doctors and his brother felt by transplanting Arvind’s kidney, the burden would partially come down. Arvind’s case was complex due to his prolonged kidney disease, which led to affecting his liver, heart, and bones. After a long wait for an organ he received a kidney from the deceased donor and the transplant was performed immediately without a further wait. Arvind went through the kidney transplant in the month of July 2019 after a long wait of 8 years for the organ. Even after major complications in the case the nephrology team which was led by Dr Anil Kumar BT, Senior consultant Nephrologist & Transplant Physician, BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital, with the support of Dr Farooq, Dr Nitin – Nephrologists, Dr Narendra S, Dr Seshagiri Rao and Dr Moin – Transplant surgeons turned this kidney transplant into a success. It took 15 days for his kidney function to improve.

Recovery and Post-treatment Prognosis:

After the surgery his health condition has improved, his renal function became normal and he is currently going through physiotherapy.