Kenyan woman finds the joy of movement

Kenyan national Margaret Wanjiru underwent a successful hip replacement surgery at Gleneagles Global Hospitals, ending her lifelong question for a treatment. Margaret was born with a dislocated hip and has been looking for a viable treatment for the last two decades. All her attempts at getting a corrective surgery have ended in failure, they provided her with little pain relief and she continued to walk with a limp.

She underwent her first hip replacement surgery in 1997 but has been continued to be dogged by further complications. The complications resulted in four subsequent surgeries but nothing changed. An accident she suffered in 2007 also caused a fracture to the bone adjacent to the replaced hip.

Margret had restlessly sought to find a viable treatment but most of her endeavors have ended in disappointment; eventually she found BGS Gleneagles Global Hospitals in Bangalore and the solution to her travails.

The hospitals I tried to contact were quoting high price and it was then I heard about BGS Global Hospital and decided to give it a chance, Margaret explained.

The hip replacement surgery was performed by a team of doctors led by Dr Basavaraj C.M. and Dr. Santosh Hakkalamani. They reconstructed the missing bone with prosthetics, helping Margaret walk without pain & limp.

The patient presented with severe damage to the bone in the hip socket. She was short by two inches in one leg, causing a prominent limp. She was experiencing extreme pain and was regularly on painkillers,  said Dr Basavaraj explaining Margret’s condition.

Although hip and knee joint replacement surgery was successful, there continues to be a need for revision joint replacement surgery in cases where the prosthesis has loosened, the bearing surfaces have worn, or a patient has sustained trauma with associated fracture adjacent to the hip or knee joint,” he added.